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Skydiving Adventures - NTSC

english / spanish / japanese

Heller, Klaus,
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Top European cameraflyers and over a hundred world class skydivers show their very best:
Achmed Sharma presents high precision and funny head downs, stand ups, big formations and tube dives with most of todays freeflying high society. Multiple and current world champion Oliver Furrer rides his skyglider across the Swiss Alps and performs high level skysurfing, skyskiing and wingsuit flights above Arizona, California, Hawaii, Australia and Switzerland. Eddie Kraus features lots of real breathtaking BASE-jumps on exotic locations all around the globe. Mike Kleist introduces high speed mountain swooping. Between all those extreme skydives, Thomas Atzberger shows what “normal” skydiving is all about: belly flying, accuracy, RW, tandems. Last not least Klaus Heller presents some classic bonus movies: Bavarian Jump, Olympic Tower Leap and First BASE in Germany.
16 stunning movie clips! Total running time 55 minutes! – NTSC format. (For PAL format see ISBN 978-3-929403-20-6 !)


Titel: Skydiving Adventures - NTSC
Autoren/Herausgeber: Klaus Heller, Klaus Heller (Hrsg.)
Weitere Mitwirkende: Oliver Furrer, Klaus Heller, Achmed Sharma, Edgar Kraus, Thomas Atzberger, Mike Kleist
Ausgabe: DVD / NTSC version

ISBN/EAN: 9783929403251

Format: 190 x 135 cm
Produktform: DVD video
Gewicht: 110 g
Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch, Italienisch, Japanisch, Spanisch

Klaus Heller is a helicopter pilot, skydiver, cameraflyer, movie producer, journalist and author of more than 20 guide books and aviation books. He has performed the first BASE-jump in Germany. - Newsletter
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