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Smart Structures

Physical Behaviour, Mathematical Modelling and Applications

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Synthesizing knowledge acquired as a result of significant researchand development over recent years, Smart Structures clearlyillustrates why these structures are of such intense currentinterest. Gaudenzi offers valuable insight into both how theybehave and how and at what cost they could be designed and producedfor real life applications in cutting edge fields such as vibrationcontrol, shape morphing, structural health monitoring and energytransduction.
Smart Structures offers a basic and fundamentaldescription of smart structures from the physical, mathematical andengineering viewpoint. It explains the basic physics relating tothe behaviour of active materials, gives the mathematicalbackground behind the phenomena, and provides tools for numericalsimulation. It also offers an insight into considerations relatedto the manufacturing, assembly and integration of smartstructures.
Smart Structures is divided into 5 sections: in the firstpart a definition of smart structures is proposed, themotivation for developing a smart structure presented and the basicphysics of active materials such aspiezoelectrics,electrostrictives, magnetostrictives and shape memory alloysbriefly recalled. A second part is devoted to the mathematicalmodelling of piezoelectric bodies. The third part discussesactuation and sensing mechanisms based on which the activepart of a smart structure will produce "results" on thepassive one. The fourth part deals with active composites atthe micromechanical and macromechanical level, and the fifth partis devoted to applications of smart structures with examplestaken from the aerospace field.
This introduction to smart structures will be useful both forstructural and mechanical designers, and for students andresearchers at graduate level or beyond. The diverse industriesinvolved in this rapidly evolving field include aerospace,automotive and bioengineering.

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