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Statistical and Biometrical Challenges

Theory and Applications

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“Statistical and Biometrical Challenges: Theory and Applications” presents selected contributions from the meetings ICRA5 and WSMC7, held 2013 in Tomar, Portugal. The papers in this volume came from experts from around the world and cover latest scientific research into statistical, biometrical and computational methods, including some theoretical and practical results on risk analysis.The editors wish to thank and acknowledge the authors and the reviewers who have generously donated their time and expertise to prepare this publication.
Weighted generalized affinity coefficient: Applications in the field of biometry
(Áurea Sousa, Helena Bacelar-Nicolau, Fernando C. Nicolau, Osvaldo Silva)
Pharmacokinetics: ODE and statistical model choice
(Karl-Ernst Biebler and Michael Wodny)
Applicability of the Weibull distribution and its extensions in the biosciences (Chrys Caroni)
New realistic methodology to model the extremes value (Joan del Castillo, Isabel Serra)
Distribution View: a tool to write and simulate distributions
(J. Silva Coelho, Fernando Branco, T. Azinheira Oliveira)
Statistical Modelling: study of cardiovascular profile of asymptomatic adults, from Benguela
(Ana G. Cunha, Teresa A. Oliveira, Pedro C. Pires)
Inference in a three way crossed linear random model
(Dario Ferreira, Sandra Ferreira, CéliaNunes, João T. Mexia)
Vec type operators and adjusting models for symmetric stochastic matrices
(Dina Salvador and J.TiagoMexia )
Parameter dependence as ‘weak transformation’; method of construction of multivari-ate probability densities (Jerzy Filus, Lidia Filus)
Fractal case study for mammary cancer
(Philipp Hermann, Sarah Piza, Sandra Ruderstorfer, Sabine Spreitzer-Gröbner, Milan Stehlík)
Wealth and portfolios of the elderly: Evidence and econometric analysis based on the Cyprus Survey of Consumer Finances (A. Karagrigoriou, I. Vonta)
A min-max entropy algorithm for relative risk problems (Christos P. Kitsos, Thomas L. Toulias)
Statistical invariance for the logit and probit models (Christos P. Kitsos, Thomas L. Toulias, Effie Papageorgiou)
On Response Surface Models (Conceição Leal, Teresa Oliveira, Amílcar Oliveira)
Statistical inference for multi-state systems (A. Makrides and A. Karagrigoriou )
Experimental design as tool on adjusting the parameters of metaheuristics
(Andreia Monteiro, Angel A. Juan and Teresa A. Oliveira )
Statistical modeling and forecasting in time series extremes (Maria Manuela Neves, Clara Cordeiro)
Statistical modeling and inference in extremes: applications with R (Helena Penalva, Sandra Nunes, Manuela Neves)
The almost sure convergence of the elitist non-homogeneous genetic algorithm when SA algorithms are used in selection, crossover and/or mutation stages (André G.C. Pereira, Viviane S.M. Campos)


Titel: Statistical and Biometrical Challenges
Autoren/Herausgeber: Teresa Oliveira, Karl-Ernst Biebler, Amílcar Oliveira, Bernd Jäger (Hrsg.)
Aus der Reihe: Biometrie und medizinische Informatik
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9783844026801

Seitenzahl: 330
Format: 21 x 14,8 cm
Produktform: Buch
Gewicht: 495 g
Sprache: Englisch

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