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The Candlestick Course

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Expert instruction on the practical applications of candlestickcharting
Candlestick charting is more popular than ever before, with alegion of new traders and investors being introduced to the conceptby some of today's hottest investment gurus. Havingintroduced the candlestick technique to the West through two of hisbestselling books, Steve Nison is regarded as a luminary in thefield of candlestick charting. In his new venture, The CandlestickCourse, Nison explains patterns of varying complexity and tests thereader's knowledge with quizzes, Q&As, and intensiveexamples. In accessible and easy-to-understand language, this bookoffers expert instruction on the practical applications ofcandlestick charting to give every level of investor a completeunderstanding of this proven, profitable, and time-tested investingtechnique. Straightforward answers quickly clarify this easy-to-usecharting method. This guide will allow readers to recognize andimplement various candlestick patterns and lines in today'sreal-world trading environment-giving them a noticeable edgein their trading activities


Titel: The Candlestick Course
Autoren/Herausgeber: Steve Nison
Aus der Reihe: A Marketplace Book
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9780471464884

Seitenzahl: 256
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

STEVE NISON, CMT, was the very first to reveal the startling powerof candlestick charts to the Western Hemisphere. He is acknowledgedas the leading authority on the subject. Steve is the author of the"bibles" of candle charting analysis, Japanese Candlestick ChartingTechniques and Beyond Candlesticks. His work has been highlightedin The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Worth magazine,Institutional Investor, and other publications around the world.Mr. Nison has appeared numerous times on CNBC, and his segment onFNN (the precursor to CNBC) brought in the most viewers thatnetwork ever had. He has taught thousands of traders and investorsaround the world. Mr. Nison holds an MBA in finance and investmentsand was a senior technical analyst at Merrill Lynch and a seniorvice president at Daiwa Securities. He was among the first toreceive the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation from theMarket Technicians Association (MTA).
Mr. Nison is founder and President of CANDLECHARTS.COM whichprovides educational products and advisory services.

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