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The Common Agricultural Policy and a Changing World Trade Order

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Introduction 5
1 The Common Agricultural Policy 6
1.1 Principle and Methods 6
1.2 Reforms 9
1.2.1 The 1992 ‘MacSharry’ Reform 9
1.2.2 1999 – Decentralisation and Decoupling 11
1.2.3 The Reforms of 2003 – Implementing Multifunctionality 12
1.3 Trade Impact of Agricultural Subsidies 14
1.4 The Sugar Regime 16
1.4.1 Principles 16
1.4.2 Distortion of Trade and Development 18
1.4.3 Reforming the Sugar Policy 20
1.4.4 Preparing for Hong Kong 22
1.5 Multifunctionality - A New Role for an Old Policy 23
2 The CAP and World Trade 27
2.1 Development 27
2.2 The Essential Agriculture 29
2.3 The Boxes 31
2.4 Why Free Trade for Agriculture? 34
2.5 The Agreement on Agriculture 36
2.6 Developing Countries 40
2.7 Analysis 42
3 Negotiating Agriculture 46
3.1 A European Point of View 46
3.1.1 The Goals of the EU 46
3.1.2 Differing Opinions within the Union 49
3.2 Multifunctionality 49
3.2.1 The Cairns Group 50
3.2.2 An American Perspective 52
3.3 Developing Countries 54
3.3.1 Which Developing Countries? 54
3.3.2 Developing countries and multifunctionality 57
3.4 Analysis 59
Conclusion 60
Literature 63
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Titel: The Common Agricultural Policy and a Changing World Trade Order
Autoren/Herausgeber: Andreas Magnusson
Aus der Reihe: Libertas Paper
Ausgabe: 1., Aufl.

ISBN/EAN: 9783921929018

Seitenzahl: 64
Format: 29,9 x 21 cm
Produktform: Anderes Format
Sprache: Englisch

Andreas Magnusson is a lawyer, specialized in EU law and policy making. He followed his legal studies at Uppsala University, Sweden (LL.M.) and Heidelberg University, Germany (LL.M. in European Law) as well as in Toulouse, France (D.E.U.E.) and the College d’ Europe in Natolin, Poland (M.A.), for which he obtained a scholarship of the Swedish government.
After research missions in Kenya and the USA, he worked at the Max Planck Institute for International Law, Heidelberg, the Oxford University, Department of Economics, and for the Agricultural Law Unit, Directorate General Agriculture, European Commission, mainly with simplification and drafting of new EU legislation. Actually – at the beginning of 2006 – the author continues to work for the EU; however his thoughts and views are exclusively his own and do not bind or commit the European Commission. This text has been submitted as a thesis for the degree of Master of Art in European Interdisciplinary Studies of the College of Europe, Natolin Campus (Warsaw). This paper is in particular interesting in view of the EU sugar reform and the just finished WTO Round in Hong Kong in December 2005.

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