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The Marketing Century

How Marketing Drives Business and Shapes Society

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Written to celebrate the Institute's centenary, The MarketingCentury explains: how the key elements of marketing havedeveloped; how the various aspects of marketing contribute toperformance; what it is that great marketers do; and how thediscipline of marketing may develop in the future.
While The Marketing Century describes the years since1911 it also describes the 21st Century: a time when the ability tounderstand and connect with customers is more rewarding, complexand valuable than ever. It explains:
* The three forces shaping the past, present and future ofmarketing: globalization, technology and ethics
* How people behave and connect - and how businesses canbenefit from these insights
* The need to manage for the long-term as well as theshort-term
* Marketing's impact on business strategy and leadership
The last 100 years have seen a rapid rise in the impact ofmarketing. It is an activity which has grown in scope andsignificance, with more people than ever before now engaged in theexciting, fast-changing world of marketing.
The development of the Chartered Institute of Marketing closelyreflects the growth and progress of business in general andmarketing in particular. Just as marketing has developed as anactivity that is highly valued, varied and vital in itscontribution to business success, so the Institute's work hasexpanded as an indispensable source of insight, guidance andpractical support.
The Marketing Century provides expert analysis of some ofthe most significant developments in marketing of the last 100years - and the next 100.
Each chapter looks at the past, present and future of adifferent area of marketing, with chapters covering:
Strategic Marketing (Martha Rogers and Don Peppers)
Customer Relationship Management (Merlin Stone)
Segmentation (Malcolm McDonald)
Innovation (John Saunders and Veronica Wong)
Public Relations (Paul Mylrea)
Branding (Graham Hales)
Advertising (Jonathan Gabay)
Digital Marketing (Philip Sheldrake)
Sales and Business Development (Beth Rogers)
Sustainability (John Grant)
Internal Marketing (Keith Glanfield)
Social Marketing (Paul White and Veronica Sharp)
Each chapter explains:
* How the subject has developed
* What is currently 'best practice'
* How this aspect of marketing connects with other topics
* The influences and trends shaping the future


Titel: The Marketing Century
Autoren/Herausgeber: The CIM, Jeremy Kourdi (Hrsg.)
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781119974130

Seitenzahl: 280
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

About The Chartered Institute of Marketing
The Marketing Century celebrates the work of TheChartered Institute of Marketing, the world's leading body forprofessional marketers.
Throughout its history, the Institute's priority has been tosupport the development of professional marketing and marketers.This purpose has renewed vigour in the 21st Century, a time thatcan be fairly described as the marketing century. Now, more thanever, the Institute's purpose is to be at the heart of marketing bygiving the profession a place to learn, develop and belong.
For further information visit www.cim.co.uk.
The contributors
The Marketing Century is written by highly experiencedpractitioners and academics in each of the fields of marketingcovered by the book. Their approach is international, insightfuland proven, and in this work they highlight how each aspect ofmarketing is developing and, crucially, how to ensuresuccess.
The Marketing Century is edited by Jeremy Kourdi, a businesswriter and executive coach. During his career he has worked with arange of international organizations including HSBC, Pearson,London Business School, IMD and he was Senior Vice-President withThe Economist Group.

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