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The Numerical Atlas of Creation of Man and Eternal Life, Part 3

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The Numerical Atlas of Creation of Man and Eternal Life, Part 3. © Grabovoi G.P., 2006.
The work of Grigori Grabovoi “The Numerical Atlas of Creation of Man and Eternal Life” has combined a huge number of numerical sequences from Grigori Grabovoi’s works. It is a powerful aggregate level of working with the numerical series.
When working with the numerical sequences given in the Numerical atlas we learn to develop our clairvoyant abilities, acquire a deeper understanding of the processes of control: “…You may visualize yourself within a conical surface comprised of the numerical series, or behind the vertical surface comprised of the numerical series, that are as if in midair. Visualizing this way somebody else means you work for that person. You may skim or read series by series. You may take a break and then continue reading them from where you stopped. You may as well intuitively find the right series or the pages in the book and perceive them. If instead of simply looking at the numerical series you work with them in your mind using the methods described in my works, then the result can be attained faster.”
Even by simply looking at the numerical series given in the book, by moving from top to bottom from one numerical sequence to another, it is possible to create man’s body.
Universality, characteristic of all the Author’s technologies, is present in this work as well – “This same method of concentration on the series of the numerical atlas can be used for resurrection.”
Only through love for all life on Earth can one be saved and save the World. “Aside from being applied in relation to man, the series can also be used with regard to animals, other living organisms, the events to be normalized by visualizing them behind the series.”
”The substance of consciousness in the form of a numerical series, upon coming into contact with specific physical matter, provides a means to learn how the soul creates physical matter. A numerical series signifies a specific technology of creating specific matter of the physical body by the soul. Thus, by assigning numerical series to the physical matter of a person’s body it is possible to have a method of building a physical body and at the same time of the soul restoration from the body. This is a fundamental provision in absolute space of information. … When you take notice the numerical series from which books are positioned close to each other – next to each numerical series you may find the initial letters of the book title the series is taken from - you acquire knowledge from life itself, moreover, from eternal life itself. You may feel that these series, being in close proximity to each other, are filled with life. As though you are bathing in life and its energy, and you realize that life is eternal, as it is always around you, within you and within all others…”.
By concentrating on different numerical sequences contained in the Atlas, a man’s own consciousness ensures eternal life to the physical body in which it dwells as well as to all other objects of reality.


Titel: The Numerical Atlas of Creation of Man and Eternal Life, Part 3
Autoren/Herausgeber: Grigori Petrowitsch Grabovoi

ISBN/EAN: 9786155383854

Seitenzahl: 280
Produktform: Taschenbuch/Softcover
Sprache: Russisch, Englisch, Deutsch, Spanisch, Italienisch, Französisch, , Ungarisch, Slowenisch

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