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The Pauson-Khand Reaction

Scope, Variations and Applications

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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The Pauson-Khand reaction is an important reaction in the field oforganic chemistry. It involves the transition-metal catalysedcycloaddition of an alkyne, an alkene and carbon monoxide, toproduce cyclopentenones. The importance of this reactionoriginates from its high value in transforming simple componentsinto the synthetically useful cyclopentenone unit, in which a highdegree of molecular complexity can be achieved in a single step,with impressive stereochemical and regiochemical control.
The Pauson-Khand Reaction investigates the nature andmany variations of this reaction.
Topics covered include:
* the mechanisms of Pauson-Khand-type reactions
* non chiral intramolecular and intermolecular versions ofPauson-Khand reactions
* asymmetric Pauson-Khand reaction using chiralauxiliaries
* the enantioselective Pauson-Khand reaction
* Pauson-Khand reactions catalysed by metals other thancobalt
* unconventional Pauson-Khand reactions
* the Pauson-Khand reaction in total synthesis
Presenting a comprehensive overview of this fundamentalreaction, The Pauson-Khand Reaction will find a place on thebookshelves of any organic or organometallic chemist.


Titel: The Pauson-Khand Reaction
Autoren/Herausgeber: Ramon Rios Torres
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118308639

Seitenzahl: 256
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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