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The Remarkable Life and Career of Ellen Swallow Richards

Pioneer in Science and Technology

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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This biography highlights the achievements of America's firstprofessional degreed female scientist, Ellen Swallow Richards(1842--1911). The book takes the reader from Richards's childhoodon a Massachusetts farm where she was schooled at home, to herinternationally renowned successes in multiple branches ofscience.
* Schools, colleges, and libraries are searching formore books about remarkable, successful women. Richards paved theway for women to enter numerous fields of science previouslybelieved to be the domain of men.
* Currently there is much emphasis on nutrition;Richards pioneered in this field, teaching the American publicabout fats, carbohydrates, proteins and calories at a time whenscarcely anyone knew of their importance.
* Ellen Swallow Richards pioneered multiple fields ofscience and technology, opening doors for women to become chemists,biologists, geologists, ecologists, nutritionists, dietitians,science teachers, professors, and home economists.
* Richards began the ecology movement, particularlyrelevant in today's world as more and more attention is being paidto the health of our planet.


Titel: The Remarkable Life and Career of Ellen Swallow Richards
Autoren/Herausgeber: Pamela C. Swallow
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118923863

Seitenzahl: 192
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Pamela Curtis Swallow received her B.A. at Skidmore College, NYU and her MLIS at Rutgers University School of Library and Information Science. Formerly a school librarian, English teacher and History teacher, she is a full time writer and author of ten published books of fiction and non-fiction. Swallow is Ellen Swallow Richards's first cousin,three generations removed.

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