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Urbanization and Public Health in China

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Urbanization has dominated China's development landscape in recent decades, yet the human costs of this economic achievement are largely ignored in commentaries on the subject.Urbanization and Public Health in China seeks to redress this imbalance by bringing together academics and researchers from across China and Australia to offer fresh perspectives on public health issues resulting from urbanization. The analyses focus on issues of unequal access to health services by the most vulnerable groups: the elderly and rural-to-urban migrants. The book explores these issues through demographic, epidemiological and environmental change in China over the past three decades and identifies solutions to create a healthier living environment in urban China.Other countries undergoing similar rapid urbanization can learn vital lessons from these challenges and solutions. This book provides a comprehensive overview for academics and researchers working on urbanization in developing nations, as well as a reference point for policy makers and public health practitioners.Contents:ForewordAbout the ContributorsIntroduction (Mu Li and Yang Feng Wu)Demographic and Health Changes in the Context of Urbanization in China (Xiao Ying Zheng and Chao Guo)Population Aging: Social Consequences and Challenges (He Chen and Tuo Hong Zhang)Surveillance of Non-Communicable Disease Risk Factors (Ji Xiang Ma, Jian Hong Li, Zeng Ge and Yang Feng Wu)Urbanization and Road Traffic Injury in China (Li Ping Li)Infectious Diseases and Urbanization (Jia Zheng Wang, Qiang Zheng Sun, Zhu Jun Shao, Xiang Feng Dou, Quan Yi Wang, Bu Yun Cui, Biao Kan and Jian Guo Xu)Childhood Obesity: The Chinese Perspective (Mu Li and Louise Baur)Urbanization and Health Inequalities: The Social Determinants of Health and Vulnerable Social Groups in China's Cities (Beatriz Carrillo Garcia)Major Challenges the Rural China Healthcare System is Facing in the Epidemic of Chronic Diseases (Yang Feng Wu)New Villages on the Urban Fringe: Spatial Planning, Lifestyle Changes and Health Implications (Duan Fang Lu and An Rong Dang)Migrant Health: Reproductive Health Awareness and Access (Chao Guo, Li Hua Pang, Gang Zhang and Xiao Ying Zheng)Urbanization in China and Changes to the Environment (Hao Chen Wang, Feng Lu, Jia Min Gao and Xiao Ying Zheng)Case Study: Improving Population Health in a Rapidly Urbanizing World: are Older Chinese People Ready to Adapt to Climate Change? (Ying Zhang, Jin Na Wang, Wei Ma, Monika Nitschke, Alana Hansen, Peng Bi and Bao Fa Jiang)Promoting Active Transportation: Lessons for China from International Studies (Li Ming Wen and Hui Lan Xu)Eco-City Development and Urban Health Reform: The Sino–Singapore Tianjin Eco-City as a Model for Chinese and Other Cities (Phil McManus)Urbanization, Population Health and Policy Reforms (Gordon Liu, Jay Pan and Xiao Yu Wu) Readership: Researchers, undergraduate and postgraduate students the fields of China Studies, Asian Studies, Global Health or International Public Health. The book may be of interest to the general public who are interested in China's social and economic development.


Titel: Urbanization and Public Health in China

ISBN/EAN: 9781783268559

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