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Utilization of Used Components

in New Electrical and Electronic Products in Accordance with IEC 62309

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Saving our environmental resources is a challenge and can only be achieved in the future through the reuse of components in new products. About 25 % of the existing electrical and electronic (E&E) components are suitable for reuse. In Europe, reuse is considered to be the best waste handling procedure. Therefore, reuse happens to be favored politically by a number of authorities at various levels, both national and European, which will increase its importance and relevance for industrial production. The present European Waste Framework Directive confirms this view. As a result, many non-European countries already have, or are preparing, similar directives. This will certainly lead to an increase in pressure to reuse components, supported by forthcoming international normative references, including legal and industrial standardization.
In accordance with the international standard IEC 62309 "Dependability of products containing reused parts – requirements for functionality and tests" this book addresses technic, environmental, legal and economical questions. Each is clearly explained and easy to understand and is discussed in the relevant chapters. Details from the corresponding European directives are discussed (RoHS, WEEE, Waste Framework directive, Ecodesign directive, and many more).
The authors‘ objectives are
• to define technical criteria and rules to support decision makers in determining whether to reuse, and where and how, in order to avoid negative environmental impact of industrial mass production;
• to also include economic criteria for the support of decision makers that stress the importance of reuse in helping companies to cut costs and its impact nationwide on overall cost-effectiveness;
• to explain the normative background and to discuss related major European legal regulations and directives;
• to also discuss aspects that influence reuse, for example, the role of software in components and products planned for reuse.


Titel: Utilization of Used Components
Autoren/Herausgeber: Fevzi Belli, Ferdinand Quella
Aus der Reihe: VDE-Schriftenreihe - Normen verständlich
Ausgabe: 1., Neuerscheinung

ISBN/EAN: 9783800738984

Seitenzahl: 160
Format: 21 x 14,8 cm
Produktform: Hardcover/Gebunden
Gewicht: 324 g
Sprache: Deutsch

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fevzi Belli vertritt das Fachgebiet Angewandte Daten technik am Institut für Elektrotechnik und Informationsverarbeitung der Uni Paderborn.
Dr. Ferdinand Quella war Leiter des Referats Produktbezogener Umweltschutz der Siemens AG in München. Er ist Initiator der Norm.

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