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Vienna's Hot Spots

Walking, Seeing & Enjoying, 12 routes through culinary Vienna

Falter Verlag,
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"Vienna's Hot Spots" is the guide through Vienna's trendy bars and restaurants. The gourmet expert Florian Holzer takes the visitor on twelve routes through the city, telling where to eat and drink, which hot spots to see and where to be seen.
In Spain it is called "tapeo", in Italy "andar per godi" and in Vienna it is simply the "Beisltour" – meaning, to go from one restaurant, pub or bar to another. The Viennese Beisl has a melting-pot quality where all ages and social classes congregate for a few drinks or a meal and is still one of the greatest institutions for going out.
Beyond the Beisl, (the name derives from a Yiddish word meaning "little house"), Vienna's culinary horizons have been broadening rapidly during the last years. A new bar, restaurant or neo-Beisl opens up almost every other week. The culinary and club scene is young and dynamic. The growing number of lounges, for example, prove that there are other ways to spend an evening than simply going for a meal. The culinary offers range from traditional style menus to Asian, Italian, Greek or French specialities and innovative fusions.
The Viennese "Beisltour" provided the inspiration for the third CITYwalk volume. "Vienna's Hot Spots" helps to find the best and ultimative places to be. It describes the atmosphere and idiosyncrasies of the selected "spots" and tries to capture the spirit of individual Grätzel (sub-districts) and pub conglomerates.
On twelve routes the gourmet expert Florian Holzer takes the visitor on a discovery tour on foot, from one hot spot to another: to the trendy restaurants at the Graben and the very old, original Beisl in the first district, to the legendary "Bermudadreieck" (Bermuda triangle), to the modern places in the new MuseumsQuartier, to the many galleries and "creative factories" and the nearby pubs in Schleifmühlgasse, to the Gürtel, the seat of live music, or to Josefstadt – an ideal area for lovers of organic food and esoteric trends. And of course to the second district, which is right now producing the craziest and most bizarre locations of the city and has thus become the new place to be.
Every route comprises a city map and walk descriptions. Addresses, phone numbers and opening hours facilitate the individual navigation. Supplementary information points out essential deviations from the topic by recommending diversions of all kind.


Titel: Vienna's Hot Spots
Autoren/Herausgeber: Florian Holzer
Übersetzer: Astrid Nolte
Aus der Reihe: City-Walks
Ausgabe: 1., Aufl.

ISBN/EAN: 9783854393405

Seitenzahl: 128
Format: 21 x 11 cm
Produktform: Taschenbuch/Softcover
Gewicht: 220 g
Sprache: Englisch

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