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Violence Risk

Assessment and Management

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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The decision to release someone from psychiatric hospital, forensic services or prison is often controversial, and forensic psychologists play a key role in assessing the risk of recidivism. In Violence Risk, Chris Webster and Steve Hucker discuss the accuracy of prediction and highlight how violence assessments would improve if well-established findings became entrenched in clinical and research practice. Although the authors write the majority of the text, specialist colleagues add essential material on subjects such as averting spousal assault, sex offending, and improving community support.


Titel: Violence Risk
Autoren/Herausgeber: Christopher D. Webster, Stephen J. Hucker
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9780470058978

Seitenzahl: 224
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Christopher Webster received his Ph.D. in ExperimentalPsychology from Dalhousie University in 1967. After a few years asa Research Scientists at the then Addiction Research Foundation inToronto, he moved to the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry andcoordinated research and clinical programs for children with severedevelopmental and conduct problems. In 1975 he was appointedProfessor and Director of the School of Child and Youth Care at theUniversity of Victoria. Returning to Toronto after a few years, hewas again appointed a research Scientist at the Clarke Instituteand also Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Criminology. Itwas during this period that he developed an interest in forensicmental health, with emphasis on violence risk assessment andtreatment. In 1993, he was appointed Professor and Chair of thedepartment of Psychology, Simon Fraser University in Burnaby,British Columbia. There he continued to develop his interests instructured professional judgment (SPJ) approaches to riskassessment in collaboration with Kevin Douglas, Stephen Hart, DerekEaves, Randy Kropp, Deborah Ross, Henrik Belfrage, RudigerMuller-Isberner, Jim Ogloff, and many others. Returning to Torontoin 1997, he has continued to work with his colleagues in BritishColumbia, but formed new alliances with Mary-Lou Martin at St.Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario, and Johann Brink andTonia Nicholls of the Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission ofBritish Columbia. Work on SPJ projects in Toronto over recent years owes much to Leena Augimeri, Chris Koegl, and Hy Bloom. He isa Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association, the AmericanPsychological Association, and the Royal Society of Canada. AtSimon Fraser University he is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry.
Stephen Hucker obtained his medical and psychiatricqualifications in the United Kingdom before competing his forensicpsychiatric training at the Clarke Institute of Psychiatry inToronto. he was Head of the Forensic Programme there from 1982until 1993 and then spent five years as Professor of Psychiatry,Psychology and Law at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. From1998 until 2005 he was Professor of Psychiatry at McMasterUniversity and Head of Forensic Services at St. Joseph's Healthcarein Hamilton, Ontario. Over the years Dr. Hucker has conductedresearch on a number of forensic psychiatric topics, has lecturedwidely to scientific and professional audiences across NorthAmerica as well as in great Britain and Australia and has conductedmany administrative reviews of forensic and correctionalfacilities. He also maintains a busy forensic psychiatric practiceand is frequently called on to provide an opinion to defenselawyers and prosecutors, community agencies and parole boards, andoften testifies as an expert witness. In all these circumstances hehas gained extensive practical experience in risk assessment andmanagement.
Dr. Hucker has been Professor of Psychiatry at the University ofToronto Since 1998 and he resumed his affiliation with the Centreof Addiction and Mental Health in the Law and Mental HealthProgramme in 2005.

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