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Virtuous Meetings

Technology + Design for High Engagement in Large Groups

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Technology + Design leads to breakthrough in large meetingproductivity
Virtuous Meetings: Technology + Design for High Engagement inLarge Groups breaks out of the confines of the meeting room toshow the reader what is possible when you need to get large groupsof people talking and making decisions together. The book showsthat it is possible to achieve effective outcomes in large,important meetings - the kind of meetings that mostorganizations rely upon for aligning their leaders with strategy ormanaging change, innovation, and crises. When it matters most whatthe participants are thinking--even thousands of them at once,who may be in the room, at satellite locations or on laptops athome--this book liberates meeting designers from traditionalassumptions and business-as-usual Q&A and discussion tacticswith an approach for hearing and working with the contributions ofall participants, live. From the Introduction,
"Virtuous Meetings is a simple notion--give participantsback their voice, and enable them to generate ideas, solutions andunderstandings that move the whole group, no matter how large,forward together."
The book shows how meetings can be virtuous in intent aswell as design, and how technology can help in this work.The book shows the reader how to use Virtuous Meeting Cycles, inwhich all participants' voices are heard, and shared understandingis generated, which in turn is used by participants, as a group, togenerate plans and solutions, over which all feel a sense ofownership. As participants and leaders see the value of theoutcomes of their interactions, their trust in each other, in theprocess, and intent to do good increases. With an increase intrust, the engagement becomes fuller and more robust. And so eachrevolution of the cycle continues.
The book shows how to choose, anchor, design, facilitate, andscale virtuous meetings. In each part, the authors speak from thefront lines--from experiences with clients and theircritically important large meetings. The "View from Inside theMeeting" and Case Story features of the book share importantlessons from some of the authors' most memorable engagements.
Author Karl Danskin is an authority on psychology and groupenergetics. Lenny Lind is a pioneer in the field oftechnology-assisted group process and is a co-author ofFacilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making, by Sam Kaner,et al. Together, they draw on the collected experiences of over twodecades of consulting to multinational corporations, havingsupported thousands of top-level client meetings, to share amethodology proven to engage participants like never before.
Topics include:
* A new model for thinking about large meetings: Two levels ofparticipant experience - table group, and whole group
* Exploring the "meta-conversations" that virtuous meetingsenable
* Introducing the Virtuous Engagement Cycle
* The heart of virtuous meeting design: The Design Team
* The critical roles in a virtuous meeting
* An expanded view of (and platform for) leadership
* Participant-centered meetings of the future
Virtuous Meetings is a comprehensive guide to getting thebest out of large, strategically important meetings.


Titel: Virtuous Meetings
Autoren/Herausgeber: Karl Danskin, Lenny Lind
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118573457

Seitenzahl: 352
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

KARL DANSKIN is a leading voice for transforming largemeetings into collaborative conversations, designing hundreds ofvirtuous meetings throughout Europe and the US.
LENNY LIND is Founder and Chairman of Covision and aSenior Consultant. He is coauthor of the bestsellingFacilitator's Guide to ParticipatoryDecision-Making.
COVISION pioneered the use of technology and design inlarge meetings for high engagement. Covision's team ofconsultants continues to innovate with processes and technologiesfor maximizing participation.

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