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WPF Programmer's Reference

Windows Presentation Foundation with C# 2010 and .NET 4

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Build effective user interfaces with Windows PresentationFoundation
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is included with theWindows operating system and provides a programming model forbuilding applications that provide a clear separation between theUI and business logic. Written by a leading expert on Microsoftgraphics programming, this richly illustrated book provides anintroduction to WPF development and explains fundamental WPFconcepts.
Packed with helpful examples, this reference progresses througha range of topics that gradually increase in their complexity.You'll quickly start building applications while you learnhow to use both Expression Blend and Visual Studio to build UIs. Inaddition, the book addresses the needs of programmer who write thecode behind the UI and shows you how operations can be performedusing both XAML and C#.
Topics Covered:
Overview of WPF
WPF in Visual Studio
Expression Blend
Common Properties
Content Controls
Layout Controls
User Interaction Controls
Two-Dimensional Drawing Controls
Pens and Brushes
Events and Code-Behind
Styles and Property Triggers
Event Triggers and Animation
Themes and Skins
Data Binding
Transformations and Effects
Navigation-Based Applications
Three-Dimensional Drawing
Even if you only have a minimal amount of experience, by the endof the book, you will be able to build dynamic and responsive userinterfaces with WPF.


Titel: WPF Programmer's Reference
Autoren/Herausgeber: Rod Stephens
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9780470632079

Seitenzahl: 624
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Rod Stephens is a professional software developer who has built a wide variety of software and database applications in his career that spans two decades. He is the author of more than twenty books and 250 articles, and is a regular contributor to DevX.com (www.devx.com).

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