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Web Archiving

Springer Berlin,
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This book assembles contributions from computer scientists and librarians that altogether encompass the complete range of tools, tasks and processes needed to successfully preserve the cultural heritage of the Web. It combines the librarian’s application knowledge with the computer scientist’s implementation knowledge, and serves as a standard introduction for everyone involved in keeping alive the immense amount of online information.


Titel: Web Archiving
Autoren/Herausgeber: Julien Masanès (Hrsg.)
Ausgabe: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2006

ISBN/EAN: 9783642062360

Seitenzahl: 234
Format: 23,5 x 15,5 cm
Produktform: Taschenbuch/Softcover
Gewicht: 379 g
Sprache: Englisch

Julien Masanès is a cofounder and the Director of the European Archive, a non-profit foundation for Web preservation and digital cultural access. Before this he had directed the Web Archiving Project at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) since 2000. He also participated very actively in the creation of the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC), which he coordinated during its first two years.
He is a curator and received a degree in librarianship at ENSSIB (Lyon) in 1999. He was a digital preservation adviser at BnF and has participated in various national and international initiatives in this domain, such as the European Project NEDLIB, the Global Digital Format Registry and the OCLC/RLG Open Archive Information System Certification Group. He has numerous publications in this field, and he launched and presently chairs the International Web Archiving Workshop (IWAW) series, the main international rendezvous in this domain.

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