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What Do I Say?

The Therapist's Guide to Answering Client Questions

Wiley, J,
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The must-have guide to honestly and sensitively answering yourclients' questions
Written to help therapists view their clients' questions ascollaborative elements of clinical work, What Do I Say? exploresthe questions--some direct, others unspoken--that alltherapists, at one time or another, will encounter from clients.Authors and practicing therapists Linda Edelstein and CharlesWaehler take a thought-provoking look at how answers to clients'questions shape a therapeutic climate of expression that encouragespersonal discovery and growth.
Strategically arranged in a question-and-answer format for easeof use, this hands-on guide is conversational in tone and filledwith personal examples from experienced therapists on twenty-threehot-button topics, including religion, sex, money, and boundaries.What Do I Say? tackles actual client questions, such as:
* Can you help me? (Chapter 1, The Early Sessions)
* Sorry I am late. Can we have extra time? (Chapter 9,Boundaries)
* I don't believe in all this therapy crap. What do you thinkabout that? (Chapter 3, Therapeutic Process)
* Why is change so hard? (Chapter 4, Expectations AboutChange)
* Will you attend my graduation/wedding/musicalperformance/speech/business grand opening? (Chapter 20, Out of theOffice)
* Where are you going on vacation? (Chapter 10, PersonalQuestions)
* I gave your name to a friend. Will you see her? (Chapter 9,Boundaries)
* Should I pray about my problems? (Chapter 12, Religion andSpirituality)
* Are you like all those other liberals who believe gay peoplehave equal rights? (Chapter 13, Prejudice)
The power of therapy lies in the freedom it offers clients todiscuss anything and everything. It's not surprising then, thatclients will surprise therapists with their experiences andsometimes with the questions they ask. What Do I Say? reveals howthese questions--no matter how difficult oruncomfortable--can be used to support the therapeutic processrather than derail the therapist-client relationship.


Titel: What Do I Say?
Autoren/Herausgeber: Linda N. Edelstein, Charles A. Waehler
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118061480

Seitenzahl: 384
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Linda N. Edelstein, PhD, is a supervisor and clinicalpsychologist with thirty years' experience. She has been teachinggraduate students since 1987. For the last seven years, she hastaught a popular graduate course entitled Adult Development atNorthwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Prior to thisappointment, she was on the faculty at the Chicago School ofProfessional Psychology for fifteen years, where students twicevoted her Teacher of the Year. She maintains a practice in Evanstonand Chicago.
Charles A. Waehler, PhD, is an Associate Professor in theCollaborative Program in Counseling Psychology at The University ofAkron. He has taught both beginning and advanced practica,assessment courses, and classes in personality and psychopathology.Dr. Waehler is a Fellow in the Society for Personality Assessment.Throughout his academic career, Dr. Waehler has been a practicingpsychologist seeing individual adolescents and adults. For the lastfifteen years, he has been affiliated with CornerstonePsychological Services in Medina, Ohio. His research interestsinclude the counseling process and personality assessment. - Newsletter
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