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Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys

Read Books Ltd.,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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This volume comprises a collection of children's stories written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, including "e;A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys"e; and "e;Tanglewood Tales"e;. "e;A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys"e; (1851) is a children's book within which Hawthorne rewrites various myths from Greek mythology. It includes the stories: "e;The Gorgon's Head"e;, "e;The Golden Touch"e;, "e;The Paradise of Children"e;, "e;The Three Golden Apples"e;, "e;The Miraculous Pitcher"e;, and "e;The Chimaera"e;. "e;Tanglewood Tales for Boys and Girls"e; (1853) is a sequel to the "e;Wonder-Book"e;, and also contains re-written stories of Greek myths. It includes the stories: "e;Theseus and the Minotaur"e;, "e;Antaeus and the Pygmies"e;, "e;Dragon's Teeth"e;, "e;Circe's Palace"e;, and "e;Jason and the Golden Fleece"e;. These classic and timeless stories make for ideal bedtime reading, and they are not to be missed by fans and collectors of Hawthorne's work. Many antiquarian books such as this are increasingly scarce and expensive, and it is with this in mind that we are republishing this volume now, in an affordable, high-quality, modern edition. It comes complete with a specially commissioned biography of the author.


Titel: Wonder Book and Tanglewood Tales for Girls and Boys
Autoren/Herausgeber: Nathaniel Hawthorne

ISBN/EAN: 9781473375499

Seitenzahl: 491
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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