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Worst of Sports

Chumps, Cheats, and Chokers from the Games We Love

E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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TAKE THEM OUT OF THE BALL GAMEPLEASE!From star running back Bryon Bam Morriss interesting (and totally illegal) sideline career to the 1950s Kansas City As sneaky relationship with the New York Yankees; from French golfer Jean Van de Veldes epic choke on 18 at the 1999 British Open to the infamous Cleveland Ten-Cent Beer Night riot of 1974; from Hungarys bloody 1956 Olympic water polo match with the Soviet Union to the definitive analysis of basketball coach Larry Browns sartorial evolution and hoops maven Mike Fratellos hair devolutionif its bad and sports related, then its likely in The Worst of Sports.An uproarious collection of the most controversial and regrettable moments in major pro and college athletics, with a sprinkling of the obscure, The Worst of Sports is a compendium of abject failure, harebrained decision-making, avarice, and rank stupidityin other words, the stuff that some athletes, and fans, are best at.Whether youre a casual fan or a face-painting zealot, youll find plenty to root for (or against) in The Worst of Sports.Original and funny, this book will entertain the pessimist that lurks in all of us who dont root for the Yankees.Mike Greenberg, author of Why My Wife Thinks Im an IdiotFrom the Trade Paperback edition.


Titel: Worst of Sports
Autoren/Herausgeber: Jesse Lamovsky, Matthew Rosetti, DeMarco Charlie

ISBN/EAN: 9780345502278

Seitenzahl: 336
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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