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different boys - Episode 3

Bastei Lübbe,
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Colin tries to clear things up with Eric. Reconciling with his brother Tom will have to wait till he returns from Mexico. Colin’s job has to take priority, after all - and besides, a few steamy days at the Mamitas gay beach are beckoning!
Tom doesn't know who to choose. His sensible side tells him that he and Sasha would make the perfect couple; however, his heart is set on Michael, even though he's trapped in a dysfunctional relationship. But when Tom receives a message that turns his whole world upside down, there's only one person who can comfort him.
DIFFERENT BOYS is a digital-only contemporary gay romance series spanning 6 episodes.
The new gay romance series "different boys" tells the tempestuous story of Colin and Tom, twin brothers who could scarcely be more different from one another, but who are both simply trying to get their lives in order and find the secret to love and happiness.

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