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iDefend - Be Your Own Bodyguard

Self-defense for everybody

E-Book ( EPUB ohne Kopierschutz )
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In my book "iDefend - Be Your Own Bodyguard" I will show you how to become your own protector and become a lot safer in your everyday life.


Titel: iDefend - Be Your Own Bodyguard
Autoren/Herausgeber: Dirk "Wintoshi" Linnemeyer

ISBN/EAN: 9783847608769

Seitenzahl: 131
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Deutsch

In "iDefend", I will show you how to become your own protector. You will gain a good amount of safer living through it. You don´t need to be super-strong or train for decades in the martial arts. You can really learn how to defend yourself. Maybe so far no one showed you how to.
Our strategy is to "shock and run". There is no need to subdue or arrest an aggressor. All you have to do is escape to safety. To accomplish that, you have to attack vulnerable targets on your opponent that will stun him long enough to guarantee your escape. I will explain how to hit and where to hit.
With the knowledge in this book you will definitely NOT become a special forces soldier or a famous cagefighter. That is not my goal!
Then, what are you going to learn?
What self-defense really is.
What your most important quality in self-defense should be.
Why you better not kick an attacker into the groin as your primary defense.
What nearly unknown body area a much better target presents.
Which weapons for self-defense are good choices and which ones are not.
How you can break any grip on your hands.
What the S³-Formula is and why you always should pay attention to it.
How you can overcome your restraint to hurt an attacker.
How to defend effectivly when choked.
What a human predator is looking for in a victim and what he does not want!
What legal fundamentals you need to be in line with.
What action will repel a majority of human predators.
How to not become the stereotype victim.
How to use everyday items as a weapon.
How to really attack the groin or the eyes of an attacker.
How to protect yourself with a simple move from strikes.
How to counter a grab in your long hair.
Which action in the pre-fight phase the most important is.
What your strongest "weapon" will be.
63 live-saving tips.
and much more
So, who will benefit from iDefend?
I wrote this ebook for everyone who does not want to be helpless, but wants to know how to effectively defend against a bully, burglar, robber or rapist. It is really written for the beginner.
At the same time, even experienced martial artist will benefit and find new perspectives.
My fellow martial art teachers will find a guideline in teaching better self-defense classes.
What makes iDefend special?
Well, I don´t know every book on the subject on the planet, but the main difference to other programs is that we acitively work to increase your inner strength. It is crucial for you to have a strong will to survive.
Sadly, all too often this is neglected in other programs.
The demonstrated self-defense techniques are easy to learn, many build on your natural responses anyway. You can learn this!
I will not overcharge you with too complex techniques!

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